Leaks on your heating system

First -Turn the boiler off and set the timer / clock switch to off to avoid damaging the heat exchanger If the leak is on a radiator this should be easily isolated by turning off the radiator valves at both ends of the radiator. If the pipework or other system components are weeping (very small amount of water) put an old towel around the leaking part. Get a plumber round to fix the problem as necessary. If it is leaking heavily, then there are different actions for different systems. For Combi boiler/ pressurised heating systems, fix a hose pipe to a drain cock these should be on at least one of your downstairs radiators, put the other end of the hose into a drain or at worst into the street. Now open the drain cock valve, water will start to empty from the system after a minute or two open the air vents on the upstairs radiators to help drain the system. On your combi/ pressurised system the pressure gauge will drop as the system empties. For a gravity fed system (storage tanks in loft) follow the tips above, but also turn you stop cock off, this will be much quicker than going into your loft to find the isolation valve.

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