I have a severe leak what should i do?

First of all turn your stop cock off, then open all your taps to help drain your system as quickly as possible. Try to take note of where the leak seemed to originate, this information will help a plumber to fix the problem more quickly, costing you less. This approach should work with any system. If you have a multipoint/ combination (combi) boiler, or pressurised hot water cylinder, turning off your stop cock will stop the hot water too. Opening your taps helps to run the water out of the pipes. It is important to open upstairs and down stairs taps, in order for the water to drain out. If you have a standard hot water cylinder, turning the stop cock off will stop the water flow but only after your storage tanks have emptied. This could take several minutes, it can be sped up by opening every tap. Another hint is in your cylinder cupboard there will be wheel headed valves turning these off will isolate, hot water/ tank fed cold water (generally just feeding a bath)/ parts of your heating system. It can be difficult to identify which is which. Try them, see what get isolated then label them for future reference.

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